Anita Alabau is a Paris-based multicultural and multilingual artist, who effortlessly translates her inner world by means of shape, color, shade, and movement into an objective yet very personal sensory experience. Her works are an organic and fluid expression of her intuition, instinct and creativity.

Born in Macedonia, Anita is also a mother, a wife, a health professional, and an avid hiker and traveler. Following her path in life, she continually distills and interfuses her impressions, encounters, and emotions into her artwork.

January 2022: 5ème Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Versailles, Versailles
September 2021:
Journées Portes Ouvertes des Artistes de Ménimontant, Paris
June 2021: Mois du dessin à Paris, Menil'8 Art Gallery, Paris

May 2021: Les 150 ans de la Commune de Paris, Menil'8 Art Gallery, Paris